“Core Area” Phase I boundary winds around to include landowners more likely to approve sewer

Red lines on the map indicate boundaries of the Phase I – “Core Area.” The red lines skirt the edge of most of the residential areas in Port Hadlock, creating a selection of hand-picked land owners more likely to support the initial sewer project. Much of the Core Area includes vacant lands owned by developers. These people have a profit interest in the sewer project and the potential up-zoning of their properties. They have formed a task force called the “Sewer Working Group.” This small group of “stakeholders” does not represent the entire community of Port Hadlock.

Note: The yellow rectangles on the map are where the County plans to build the sewer… the upper one is the planned treatment plant, and the lower one is the area where all the leftover water is to be drained…right next to Chimacum Creek.

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